As you may already be aware, the distance covered by a car is typically tracked and stored in multiple locations of the car, not just on the dashboard odometer. While scammers often focus on altering the visible number on the dashboard, they rarely succeed in manipulating the mileage data stored in other modules and components of the vehicle. However, with the remarkable capabilities of KMScamDetect, detecting odometer fraud and determining the true mileage of a car has become incredibly simple.

KMScamDetect possesses the ability to access and retrieve mileage information from all the various places where it is stored within the car's systems. This advanced technology empowers you to effortlessly uncover any attempts to deceive by analyzing the odometer readings comprehensively. By utilizing KMScamDetect, you can rest assured that you will obtain accurate and reliable information regarding the actual mileage of the vehicle you are inspecting.

To utilize KMScamDetect, the process is straightforward and user-friendly. Here's all you need to do:





KMScanDetect is specifically created to be fast, reliable and easy to use

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OBDII interface HW -> 100 euro 

KMScamDetect and Vinrify software -> 300 euro

All prices are exclusive of VAT and delivery charges