J2534 Logger


The DiagCode J2534 Logger is the first software which can be used to record and save the CAN and K-line communication in the car by using any existing J2534 hardware. It is no longer necessary to spend a lot of money on expensive equipment for logging the K-line and CAN-bus traffic. There are plenty of OEM diagnostic apps which support the J2534 protocol and today everyone has at least 1 device which can work with this protocol. We recommend that you specify CAN filters in order to capture only the required communication and not all communication going on in the vehicle. If you do not use CAN filters some messages might not be captured, depending on the quality of your J2534-compliant hardware and the load of the CAN-bus. It is very easy to put the filters - just enter the CAN identifiers of the messages you want to capture. The DiagCode J2534 logger is designed for ease of use. There is an option to save the captured CAN traffic to a text file, we recommend reading it with Notepad++.


Supported Protocols: K-line, CAN


We recommend using the following J2534-compliant interfaces: Tactrix OpenPort 2.0, DrewTech CarDAQ+, Scanmatik SM2/SM2 Pro, CANtieCar.

Price -> 100 euro

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