FCA seed-key generator tool


FCA seed-key generator tool is designed to unlock FCA controllers at different security access levels to access special diagnostic procedures and functions. Unlock challenges are sort of a question and answer game between the ECU and diagnostic equipment. To give the correct secret answer to an ECU question, you need a FCA Seed-Key calculator that can calculate the correct answer. With the help of this software you can very easily use the full capabilities of CDA diagnostic software.


      This is a software activation. All current: 

 Simplediag any software activation customers

 SKGT customers


       can enable this function because they already have a security dongle. 


New customers who wish to purchase it and do not have a security dongle must purchase one along with the activation.



Supported Models:

Alfa Romeo Giulia (2017+)
Alfa Romeo Stelvio (2018+)
Jeep Compass generation MP (2017+)
Alfa Romeo Giulia (2017+)

ABS - Anti-Lock Brake System (27 01)
AMP - Amplifier (27 01)
AFSL - Adaptive Front Lighting System (27 05)
BCM - Body Control Module (27 01)
BSS - Left Blind Spot Sensor (27 01)
CDCM - Diagnostic Control Module (27 01)
DTCM - Drive Train Control Module (27 01)
ECM - Engine Control Module (27 01)
EPS - Electrical Power Steering (27 01)
ESM - Electronic Shifter Module
HVAC - Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (27 01)
IPC - Instrument Panel Cluster (27 01)
IPC - Instrument Panel Cluster (27 05)
ORC - SRS Supplemental Inflatable Restraint System (27 01)
PAM - Park Assist Module (27 01)
TCM - Transmission Control Module (27 01)

Alfa Romeo Stelvio (2018+)
Jeep Compass generation MP (2017+)
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USB Security Dongle -> 50 euro 

FCA Seed-Key generation tool software -> 350 euro

Annual subscription after the first yeat -> 120 euro

All prices are exclusive of VAT and delivery charges