EVgata diagnostic software

     Completely new TESLA software specially developed to satisfy our customers who work hard with these models. With it, we offer completely new functionalities even for the most advanced. Entirely based on our company slogan - TRUE GEAR FOR TRUE PROFESSIONALS !


The software contains the following functionalities for - Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X  mcu1 (nVidia Tegra cpu ) up to version 2022.8.10.5


 Scan the available modules in the vehicle and report Active and Historical Alerts

 Air suspension - Set Ride Heigh, Service mode, Force Gallery Pressure, Get Pressure, Live Ride Heigh, TAS Clear Crash Data

 Brakes/ESP/TPMS – Read/Write TPMS ID for GEN 2 tpms , Brake Bleeding, Steering Wheel Angle calibration, Activate EPB Service Mode, Get Versions

 Airbag - Read/Write Eeprom, Clear Crash data (* for Model X only); Read Resistance

 Body - Door Handles ICE Breaker, Steering Wheel Column calibration, Rear Wing calibration, 

 Battery/BMS - BMS Read Serial number, BMS Contactor Reset, Reset Contactor Stress Index, Reset Contactor WOT Counter. Special support to connect to HV battery without car via can-bus (external 12 volt power supply should be provided to power BMS)

 Cooling - THC AirPurge Start/Stop, THC Refill\Drain Start/Stop

 Bench - Power On/Off IC on Bench

 Live Data - Read Alerts

 Advanced functions - Read Car Vitals, Keyless Driving ON/OFF, Valet Enable/Disable, Showroom Enable/Disable, Reset IC, Master Reset, Reset CID, Reset GW, GW Telnet Allow, Bus Wake, Rails ON, Enter/Exit Diag, Enter/Exit Factory Mode, Enter/Exit Development Mode – All functions via VAPI interface

 Alerts - Read All and Current alerts

 Read/Write Configuration, Odometer recalibration, Pin to Drive, Emergency moving, Disable Pin to Drive

These are just some of the features of our software:


1. Our tool can install firmware on car

2. Can redeploy car (Adjustment of non-original vehicle modules reprogramming of used parts modules)

3.  Have functions to download current firmware version from car to assist when changing emmc chip in cid if emmc totally damaged and can not be read. By that way with our tool you can extract car configuration from car without cid and generate files needed for new CID emmc image. This way you do not have to worry about Spansion chip version

4. Our tool can enable GW Serial console to CID

5. Have functions for bench setup of IC

6. Can backup and restore IC

7. Can retrofit modules by GW/CID configuration

8.Can set configuration if you do US/EU Conversion and swap radio and charger module

9. Can recode new battery if different from original

10. Can program key for Model S

Activating Factry Mode

  • Model_S_Activate_Factory.png
  • Model_S_Activate_Factory2.png

Vehicle Diagnostics

Gateway Tools

Model S Key Programming

  • Model_S_Key_Programming.png
  • Model_S_Key_Programming2.png
  • Model_S_Key_Programming3.png
  • Model_S_Key_Programming4.png

Vehicle Diagnostics Live data

MCU Settings

  • Model_S_MCU_Settings.png
  • Model_S_MCU_Setting3.png
  • Model_S_MCU_Settings2.png
  • Model_S_MCU_Settings4.png

Vehicle Modules

Vehicle Updater

  • Model_S_Offline_Updater.png
  • Model_S_Updater.png
  • Model_S_Updater3.png
  • Model_S_Updater2.png
  • The software contains the following functionalities for - Model 3 and Model Y


 ACTIVATE FACTORY MODE (up to version 2021.4.3). With factory mode enabled you have access to all service functions



 CHANGE GATEWAY CONFIG (Activate/Deactivate Supercharger, Autopilot, Change country…) 




 READ and Export Secure Config from Gateway for models 2021+ with locked MCU via LAN

 TRANSFER configuration to DUMP ready to program to new MCU (2021+ models)

 Preparing a file ready to program with different programmers like PEMicro, XPROG….

 Functionalities by CAN BUS like - Live data, Calibrate Body Components, Seats calibrations, Windows calibrations, Steering Column Calibration….

 AIRBAG VIA CAN BUS - Read/Write eeprom, Clear crash(up to 2021); Check Resistance….

 DIAGNOSTICS - Alerts/DTCs; Vitals….

 Online update via our server for all mcu2 cars with Ape HW 2.5


READ and Export Secure Config from Gateway




Configuration of the car


Original Configuration



NEW Configuration




There is an annual subscription that is paid after the first year has expired. Its price is € 300 for each subsequent year.


All software with an active subscription have automatic updates (after starting the software and connected to the Internet, the software will be upgraded to the latest version). At the same time, most of the updates are done on the server side.


Subscribed customers will receive our updates regularly. An expired subscription tool will not receive regular updates.


•   To use the software you must already have some of the hardware or purchase it together with the software.


For further information, please email us or contact our dealers.


The new software is now available:


EVgata software - 3000 euro

OBDII interface (EVgata)* - 100 euro

Service Cable Ethernet -> FakraHSD - 50 euro

Hardware to be able to connect to Model 3 - 500 euro

Online Support (AnyDesk or SupRemo) - 50 euro/hour

Annual subscription after the first year - 300 euro


* PCAN interface (or compatible) - This is for customers who already have such an interface, our software can work with it as well.

All prices are exclusive of VAT and delivery charges