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OBDII Logger

OBDII Logger



OBD Logger device have:

●      3 CAN Channel   pins: 6/14, 3/11, 3/8

●      4-Kline Channels pins: 1,7,12,15

●      micro USB port

●      TFT Display

●      WiFi



Supported CAN Speed: 100,125,200,250,500,800,1000

Supports 11bit and 29bit (extended) CAN

Supported K-line Speed: 4800,9600,10400,19200,38400,57600,115200,250000



OBD Logger have 2 working modes:

1. USB interface

2. WiFi Interface


Explanation of the display:

HW:       Hardware Serial Number

PC:         Connection Status [Disconnected, Connected USB, Connected WiFi, Connected to SERVER]

CAN:      Can message count before filtering [messages per second/Sum: Total message count]

Fc:          Filtered CAN. CAN message count after active filters

K:           K-line information [Bytes per second/ Total bytes]

SEQ:      Current sequence of file used for storing logs.

Used:     Usage counter. How many times the device have been powered on

FiS:        CAN Filter Single. Will show currently used ID for filtering

FiR:        CAN Filter Range. Will show the range definition used for filtering can messages

CYC:      Only for development

Uptime:  Seconds passed after device boot

IP:           IP address of device.

Green triangle: Device online and update is up to date.

Logging on CAN and K-line