1. OBD Socket Hash Reading Integration:

Added support for Hash Reading via the OBD Socket in-vehicle, eliminating the need to remove the ECU.

Newly Supported ECU's for OBD Socket Hash Reading include:

CR2, CR3, CR4, CR4_NFZ, CR5, CR6, CR6.11, CR60, CRA43, CRR1, CRD.11, CRD2.10, CRD2.35, CRD2.61, CRD3.10, CRD3.50, ME2.8, ME97, and MED177.

Note: All other FBS3 ECU's should be read directly on the bench.

2. Direct Hash Reading Enhancement:

ECU's supported for Direct Hash Reading are:

SIM266, SIM271DE2.0, SIM271KE2.0, SIM4LE, and SIM4LKE.

3. Performance Improvement for W204 / W207 AKL:

Introduced a "Fast" option, reducing data acquisition time to just 14 minutes.

4. Extended Support:

Added compatibility for older W208 EZS models.

5. Visual Aids:

Incorporated new connection imagery for both ECU and AKL to assist users.

6. Bug Fixes & Resolutions:

Addressed and rectified the "Internal Server Error 500" that some users encountered with SKC.

Implemented general bug fixes to enhance software stability and performance.



1. Added Support for adapting a New or Donor EZS when old one is faulty, broken or missing.

   (Easily retrieve Original Hashes from ECU on bench, on car’s fitted with ESL there is no need to remove ESL, data is collected via diagnostic connector with fitted EZS in car)

2. Changed colour scheme of UI to suit new Logo

3. Changed notification period for subscription notifications up to 365 days.

4. Bug fixes


1. Minor bug Fix in AKL W210/W202/W639
2. Oem Key Crypto Write inproved
3. Oem Key Prepare for Crypto Write added
4. Added Hi Voltage warning when using J2534 interface
5. EZS ssid auto correction


1. Added support for J2534 Passthru devices
2. Reading EZS Data via OBD
3. Write KM on ezsxxx
4. Writing VIN
5. Authorize personalization for Series EZS
6. Extended AKL List of supported EZS devices
7. View EZS terminal status with esl emulator for all ezs devices that use ESL.
8. Included wiring Help Images
9. Polish language added